No, our lodges are not to be used as a primary residence. The only exception is Chichester canal – please get in touch for more details.

Life near the water has a lot to offer, from beautiful views to unique spots to fun activities – but living near the water also has proven health benefits, with doctors and researchers finding an ever-increasing list of reasons that living near water is a good idea for the mind and the body. From the sea air improving how your body absorbs oxygen, the immune system boost given by relaxation and decreased stress, to water-dwelling plants helping you increase your white blood cell count through phytoncides, and even the dopamine released when we are exposed to water – through the brain’s natural meditative state called ‘blue mind’ – an on-water lifestyle can strengthen and even lengthen your life.

Absolutely. Please contact one of our dedicated team and book an appointment. Our contact details can be found here.

Yes, there are annual mooring fees, all dependent on the size of lodge and location. The mooring fee entitles you to our premium Premier facilities, mooring upkeep and more.

Yes all lodges are designed to be the height of comfort all year round.

Yes – subject to personal rating. Our finance partner will help provide suitable finance packages.

All of the Premier Marina Lodges are movable, they can be towed into position or moved to another location.

Yes – Our insurance partner at GJW will be able to insure your lodge. Please visit to get a quote.

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